Klaipeda Service and Business School was founded on 1 July 2000 by reorganizing Klaipeda Polytechnic and Klaipeda Home Services school. Students can get secondary education in our school as well as career education. At the moment there are about 1000 students and 84 teachers in our school. The teachers are well qualified – 3 teachers have qualification of teacher – expert, 13 teachers have qualification of teacher – supervisor and 29 teachers have qualification of elder teacher. Our teachers constantly improve school curricula concerning the needs of the changeable market.

Our school has modern material facilities (deport): info centre, workshops, modern classrooms, 2 canteens and a school hostel.

There are various extra curriculum activities at school. Students can spend their spare time by taking on different activities at school – acting, drawing, reading, singing and others. Those who are interested in mechanic and mathematics can have different activities as well.

Our school has deep sports traditions. Students can go in for different kind of sports. Our students usually win the first places in Lithuanian basketball competitions. Such great basketball players as Aurelijus Žukauskas, Saulius Štombergas and Arvydas Macijauskas graduated from our school. So, our school is very proud of them.


Graduating from basic school students can choose to study following specialities:

1. Car body maintenance (car body repairer);

2. Car electro – mechanic;

3. Car mechanic;

4. Welder;

5. Small business manager;

6. Cook;

7. Hygiene cosmetics;

8. Hairdresser;

9. Babysitter;

10. Computer operator;

11. Publicity merchant;

12. Car business manager.


Length of studying – 3 years.


Graduating from secondary school students can choose to study this speciality:


Length of studying – 2 years.

Those students who don’t have basic school certificate can choose this speciality:

Builder (decorater)

Length of studying – 2 years.


The school is involved in many projects. In 2003 we took part in Phare projects, in 2005 – 2010 we made 3 projects for EU structural funds. We are also involved in mobility projects of Leonardo da Vinci support foundation. Our students and teachers had a practice in many countries of Europe – Norway, German, Turkey, Spain, Czech, Italy, Malta, Finland and other. We are also interested in new contacts, and hope to find new partners for close relationships. Email for contacts –

Our contacts

Klaipėdos paslaugų ir verslo mokykla  (Klaipeda Service and Business School)

J. Janonio g. 13, LT-92238, Klaipėda
website klpvm.lt
Development specialist and project manager Rolandas Karnackas
 +370 633 26127

Pamokų laikas

Teorinių pamokų

1 pamoka 8.30 - 9.15

2 pamoka 9.20 - 10.05

Pertauka 20 min.

3 pamoka 10.25 - 11.10

4 pamoka 11.15 - 12.00

Pietų pertrauka 30 min.

5 pamoka 12.30 - 13.15

6 pamoka 13.20 - 14.05

7 pamoka 14.15 - 15.00

8 pamoka 15.05 - 15.50



Įstaigos kodas: 111964225
J. Janonio g. 13, Klaipėda LT-92238, Lietuva
Tel: (8 46) 412 406
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Pirmadienį – ketvirtadienį:
8:00 – 12:00 ir 12:45 – 17:00

8:00 – 12:00 ir 12:45 – 15:45


Automobilinkų skyrius
Tel.: 8 633 24 614
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Verslo skyrius
Tel.: 86 3325 079,
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Paslaugų skyrius
Tel.: 86 1613 465,
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